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locked bike was missing

When Lisa Ferguson’s bicycle went missing from one of the city’s busiest intersections on Wednesday afternoon, she presumed she’d been the victim of a bike thief.

Little did she know, the silver hybrid she had locked to a TTC pole at Bloor and Yonge streets 90 minutes earlier, was tucked safely away at the back of the nearby Hudson’s Bay Centre, removed by private security guards for apparent public safety reasons.

Efforts to get to the bottom of how a bike could be seized without warning erupted into a storm of bureaucratic confusion on Thursday, involving the city, the property owners, TTC and police.

Ms. Ferguson only got to the bottom of the “theft” because she spotted an all-seeing eye in the sky — a security camera.

Hoping for assistance in filing a police report, she approached a security guard, asking him if he’d seen anything.
She was shocked when he told her he had taken it, having snipped the lock at the behest of the property owner, Brookfield Properties.

“I looked at him in disbelief. There’s no sign saying not to park there, so I think most people would assume it’s OK,” she said.

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