Kingston & 1000 Islands
Cornwall to Morrisburg

This fun leisure ride along the St. Lawrence Seaway and Waterfront Trail makes for an excellent single or multi-day cycling vacation and can start in several locations providing options for shorter ride distances.

A great starting point would be Cornwall, cycling your way to Morrisburg for an overnight stay or alternately camping on one of the islands at the Long Sault Parkway Park.

There are numerous points of interest, attractions and beautiful parkland en route so make sure you stop to enjoy. A great first stop on the west side of Cornwall along the Waterfront Trail, is the St. Lawrence Power Development Visitor Centre sharing interesting stories and history of the power project. Upper Canada Village  is a reconstructed pioneer village, with over 40 buildings and activities to take visitors back to the 1860s. Nearby, cycle along the quiet trails and through the naturalized setting in the Upper Canada Bird Sanctuary. Sure to pique everyone’s interest is The Lost Villages Museum with memorabilia from days gone by. Crysler Park is a great destination to stop at a beach along the St. Lawrence Seaway for a midday picnic lunch or patio time at the marina.

The Cornwall to Morrisburg route is approximately 50km one way, but for a shorter route you can just as easily start in Long Sault which would shorten your trip to Morrisburg to approximately 30km one way.

Route Length: 96 km

Download PDF of this ride: St. Lawrence Seaway

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