Cheltenham Badlands

Usually used as a return to Mississauga this route leaving from East Caledon will cross the Credit River 5X and has very nice power hills along Grange Side Rd. one after the other. Caution should be taken when crossing Hwy#10. The short flat section enters a picturesque valley until McLaughlin Rd.

Then some more climbing South bound into Inglewood, a West turn starts you on the bottom of Olde Base Line Road. climb. Notable Geological feature is on the South side of the road mid way up as you pass the Badlands.

On top of the plateau its time to catch your breath, then a 3km descent on Mississauga Roads smooth black asphalt. crosses the Credit River and up the power hill to King St. turn West. rapid descent to get to Heritage Rd. South up the power hill to the flats great for echelon or fast single pace line. Down to the Credit river again and up a short power hill then 5th Side Rd. go West to 10th line most of the major climbing being done.